Small Dog Clothes | Kiss me I’m Irish!

St. Patrick's Day DogMay The Luck of the Irish be with you all.

We’re late in wishing you a Happy St. Paddy’s Day but we know you’re still recovering from your potential “Green Beer” hangovers and we figured that we would give you time to recouperate.

We hope that you all had a great day with your small doggie friends, whether you stayed home or joined a local parade in celebrating this fantastic holiday.

And we hope that you and your furry friends wore matching green ensembles or matching hats at least! I’m sure this little guy’s hat turns you green with St. Paddy’s Envy!

Small Dog Clothes | Spring Has Sprung!

small dog ready for springWell everyone, March 1st is here and depending on where you live Spring is in The Air!

All winter long I have been battling with my dogs to get them to go outside. All of a sudden they are running out as soon as I open the door. They all try to exit at the same time and slam into each other and usually they almost take me out too!

I realize that a lot of you are still in areas that are covered with snow so I hope this pic of our little spring flower pooch will lift your spirits and make you smile. Winter is almost over and it’s time to celebrate.

So get outside with your dogs, start figuring out your flower planting strategies. If you are¬†anything like me, I also have to figure out how to protect what I plant from getting trampled on, sniffed and dug up by my very busy crew! Spring Has Sprung here in VA and it’ll be at your doorstep soon too!