Pet Halloween Costumes…Verrry Scarrry!!!

It’s that time of year again! Time to dress up with your small dog and have some Halloween Fun. I absolutely love seeing owner’s and their pets dress up with a ton of creativity for this time of year. You have to love the vampire dog, it’s a classic spookfest with cape, fangs and coffin!

These guys are pretty cool too. The little guy looks incredibly cute and
the big bulldog is outrageously funny. I’m looking forward to seeing a
ton of new pics show up online of amazing halloween pet costumes

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Summer & The Scratching Season is Here…

Someone, please tell me how to get my dogs to stop scratching!!!! They are driving us crazy here at home. The constant licking, scratching, whining and everything else that goes on the second that summer arrives is enough to make me want to pack my bags and move out. Fleas….Ticks….and anything else that can grab onto and dig into my dogs have arrived with a vengence.

DON'T GET ME WRONG, I LOVE MY DOGS! But right now I wish we all lived at the Arctic Circle (during winter season) so that I would not have to be dealing with this crazied flea frenzy that is hitting my home.

And to top it all off, one of our males is allergic to fleas so if he has only 1 flea on him, it's like he has 10,000 of them crawling up his butt (excuse the expression but I'm sure you can feel my pain/frustration). Needless to say he is miserable which in turn is making me miserable. The vet did prescribe pills for him but they only relieve the itching/scratching a little bit…HELP!!!

Now before you all start telling me about this product and that, let me tell you what we have tried and tested with absolutely no success.

  • Flea baths at the groomers – FAIL
  • All Hertz flea/mite/ticks sprays – FAIL
  • All flea/tick/mite shampoos that are on shelves in Walmart – FAIL
  • Frontline – FAIL
  • Advantix (or something like that…) – FAIL
  • The 30 day pill that costs $15 per dog from vet… FAIL

If you believe that you have some type of super cure or flea/tick killing strategy that may help, by all means please post in the comments. I'm sure that I'm not the only one going through this so please share!!! casino spelletjes

Pet Pajamas and Small Dog Dresses

Hi Everyone,

I received a request from Elaine who was interested in a small dog pajama and a small dog dress for her two Min-Pin’s.

I did a little research for Elaine and anyone else that’s been looking. So if you get a chance check them out.

Winter is coming quickly so a pair of pet pajamas is a really good investment right about now!

Small Dog Dresses are always sweet!

Have a great day!

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Small Dog Clothes | How to measure your pet properly before you buy

Here is the single most important thing you should do before buying any type of small dog clothes.


It’s so important that you purchase something that fits properly. Think of how you buy clothes for yourself, you don’t buy them if they are way too big or sooo small that you have to squeeze into them.
There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable and having restricted movement especially when it comes to your small dog.

Make sure that their legs are not restricted in any way, you want them to be able to reach full stride if they break into a run. So don’t purchase something that is really tight and has no give around their legs.

Here is a link to a great little site that has a sizing chart for your dog. Give it a quick read and measure your pet

I really dislike buying something and then having to return it and deal with sending it back, getting credited and then starting all over again. It’s easier to just get it right the first time out. 

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How Cool Dogs Can Look Sporty

chihuahua in hoodieIf you have a seriously cool dog and want to really make him/her stand out in the crowd you should look into sporty clothes for dogs.

As people we all have a certain style or flair that relates directly to our own attitude. Your dog has an attitude too and I believe that we as owners should showcase it.

I have also owned pretty cool dogs (my personal opinion). They have had their good points and bad, but overall they were and still are all really great.

I wanted to post this picture of a chihuahua wearing a sporty hoodie. You have to admit, he looks pretty cool. Small dogs are a lot of fun to be around and to see them all proud to be dressed up like their master is quite funny to say the least.

Another item that will make them look even cooler is a dog bandana. They automatically look sporty and definitely incorporate the “Cool Factor” into your pet’s appearance. I don’t know why but I always look to see what kind of design is on the bandana. It gives me a hint of what the dog’s personality is and their owner’s too. There’s nothing funnier than seeing a teeny tiny chihuahua wearing a skull and crossbones bandana. They’re protective littel guys and I think a bandana works better than a “Beware of Dog” sign hanging around their neck. Now that I think of it, a massive bling necklace (rapper style) that says “Beware of Dog” in glittery faux diamonds would be pretty funny.

They way I look at things. If I’m going to buy clothes for dogs I want to make sure that they scream personality and showcase my canine friend so that they look their best.

Small dog attitude t-shirts can really be a source of entertainment for everyone. If you like your pet to be the center of attention and a source of conversation..a doggietude t-shirt with a crazy saying is a real icebreaker.

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Small Dog Clothes | 5 Reasons Why a Small Dog Sweater is a Smart Investment

Some of you may not think that a small dog sweater is worth a second thought. Your dog has fur so they don’t need another layer, or do they?

Well if we look at things in those terms, you have hair so I guess that means you don’t need to wear a warm hat in winter then do you?

Kind of makes you think twice doesn’t it. Even if dogs have fur we have to consider the fact that there are different types of fur/hair.

There are long haired and short haired breeds and then there are our heart warming mutts that have splotchy fur that doesn’t grow properly and isn’t really even. You’ll see this in older dogs as the fur/hair starts to fall out around the “elbows” and other very strange places.

So let’s get down to it and name some of the reasons why a sweater may be a great investment for your pet.

  1. Some short haired breeds have a tendency to be cold year long
  2. Some breeds that are originally from hot climates aren’t genetically equipped to deal with fall and winter weather
  3. Older dogs and smaller breeds lose heat quickly and need a constant heat source for comfort
  4. Some people turn down the heat at night during winter and walk around with a few layers on, dogs can benefit from an extra layer too.
  5. Putting a sweater on your dog before a long walk will make it much more pleasant for the both of you

Only you know what your pet is really like. If they tend to shake and shiver a lot, they may be trying to tell you something. With the fall months coming very soon watch your pet closely to see if there are any signs of them being cold. If there are, you may want to consider a small dog sweater for their comfort.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money $15-$20 can get you a nice one. Or if you love to knit, then all you need are some really good small dog sweater patterns and your pet will have a closet full of hand made warmth and love.

Small Dog Clothes | Fashion Fun, Functional or just Plain Wrong

I never knew that small dog clothes would become such a point of controversy. On one hand an ever growing amount of people love dressing up their dog for fashion and function and on the other hand, another just as large group think that anyone who buys and makes their pet wear clothes for dogs should be shot and hung out to dry. (I think this point of view is a little extreme, though I do understand where they are coming from sometimes)

There are a few ways to look at why people would buy dog clothes:

For fashion and fun
For functionality and safety
For reasons unknown to mankind as a whole

Fashion & Fun:
small black pug in pink hoodieThere is a large majority of pet owners who buy small dog clothes solely to make their dog fashion forward. A lot of people feel that this is a waste of time or maybe people who have no children are superimposing their mothering instincts onto their pets. Empty nest syndrome = pampered pooch in a small dog dress. While I do agree that some people can go a little overboard. I do feel that there is a serious “cute factor” when you see a well dressed dog who looks comfortable in what they are wearing. Fashion can be anything from sporty dog hoodies, small dog dresses and accessories, outdoor wear and cool dog bandanas. Your dogs have personality and I think that should be showcased and reflected in any type of dog clothing that they wear.

Functionality and Safety:
Dog rain coat and small dog winter coatThen there are the pet owners who dress their dog so that they are comfortable and safe from the outdoor elements. A dog rain coat is a really good example to look at. From my personal experience with my 3 dogs, I know that mine absolutely hate to get wet and they won’t even go outside to do their “business” if a raindrop or two is falling. It’s like garlic to a vampire.

But I have also experienced the flip side of the coin when I have put dog rain coats on them. It’s like they immediately understand that this coat is shelter from the rain and once they get it, out the door they go. (Other people may have had a harder time with their pet but it you put it on and push them out the door, they’ll get it)

If you live in an area where snow is a part of your seasonal temperatures then either a coat or a dog sweater can do wonders for them. They’ll actually enjoy going for a long walk with you without shivering after 5 feet and trying to turn back home.

Reflective vests are really important if you let your dog roam free outside, especially if they tend to wander off your property. Making sure that your pet is visible is really an important part of keeping them safe.

Reasons unknown to Mankind:
This is where certain people can get out of hand. A lot of celebrities will really go overboard in dressing their pets in only the best. I realize that they have the money to indulge their pets but does fido really need a diamond collar, paired with a designer frou frou small dog dress with diamond studded booties? I think scenarios like this that get reported on the nightly celebrity focused shows are what has caused a large group of people to dislike and have an automatic disdain of people who buy clothes for dogs.

I firmly believe that regular people like us can have fun with our pets and provide cool clothes that offer fashion fun and  functionality & safety while not going too over the top. The perfect example is the picture of the bling dog…just enough and not too much.

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Small Dog Dresses


I’ve had a few requests for small dog dresses so I’ve decided to include a quick post with some really cute ones that I found on Amazon. I hope you like them!  



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Small dog clothes : Necessary or Barking Mad Vanity?

Are small dog clothes really necessary or are they just a reflection of our own vanity superimposed on our pets

If you have a short haired dog and live in an area where it can get quite cool then clothes such as small dog sweaters are a smart choice. You have to remember that when it’s cold and you go outside you always put warm clothing on. Why should your small dog be any differnet. Just because they have a “fur coat” doesn’t mean that they don’t feel the chill in the air.

If you live in an area that has frequent rainfall then you should really consider getting your pet a small dog rain coat. it will keep them dry and you won’t have to plead, bed and physically push them out the door at the first sight of a rain drop.

If you and your small dog live in an area where it’s snows. You should consider outfitting your pet with a fleece dog coat and  booties. The salt that they spread on the roads can irritate the pads of their paws and the fleece dog coat will keep them toasty warm and happy.

Ask yourself this, do you like to walk outside barefoot all the time when it’s raining? Or do you enjoy walking barefoot in the snow for any amount of time?  Your pet probably doesn’t either but can’t voice that to you. They depend on you for their every need so you need to stop and think before you take them out into bad weather.

Some people just simply love to superimpose their clothing styles onto their small dogs. Dresses, shawls and cute pet pajamas are some of the things that can really look sweet. Other people tend to buy dog clothing that is more suited to the dog’s breed.

I don’t see someone putting a little dog dress on a Pitbull or a Rottweiler, do you?

You need to make sure that any small dog clothes that you buy are the proper dimensions,  fit loosely and are comfortable. Never restrict your small dog’s ability to move freely, no matter how cute the costume.

Some small dog breeds that are fun to dress up are toy and teacup breeds, Jack Russell Terriers and Cocker Spaniels among others.

Personally I feel that small dog clothes are both necessary and play up to the vanity that lives in all of us. 

All I know is that I’m barking mad about my dogs

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