Cool NFL Clothes for Your Small Dog Football Fan

Football season is in full swing and it’s the time of year where every
Sunday is spent watching the games.

If your house is anything like mine, all of our dogs have their cool NFL gear on and watch the games with my husband and I.

My husband really gets into the games and when one of his teams scores a touchdown he is up screaming and yelling which leads to all
the dogs getting up on their paws howling and barking their team on
to the extra point.

It’s quite a scene and it’s also a lot of fun. I do have to confess that I am glad it only happens one day a week.

So if your pets love to watch the games too and if you are maybe thinking about a sporty dog gift for the holidays, this is the only place that I’ve found that has really cool NFL clothes for dogs.

Check them out.


NFL Jerseys for your dog at

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