Pet Pajamas and Small Dog Dresses

Hi Everyone,

I received a request from Elaine who was interested in a small dog pajama and a small dog dress for her two Min-Pin’s.

I did a little research for Elaine and anyone else that’s been looking. So if you get a chance check them out.

Winter is coming quickly so a pair of pet pajamas is a really good investment right about now!

Small Dog Dresses are always sweet!

Have a great day!

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Small dog clothes : Necessary or Barking Mad Vanity?

Are small dog clothes really necessary or are they just a reflection of our own vanity superimposed on our pets

If you have a short haired dog and live in an area where it can get quite cool then clothes such as small dog sweaters are a smart choice. You have to remember that when it’s cold and you go outside you always put warm clothing on. Why should your small dog be any differnet. Just because they have a “fur coat” doesn’t mean that they don’t feel the chill in the air.

If you live in an area that has frequent rainfall then you should really consider getting your pet a small dog rain coat. it will keep them dry and you won’t have to plead, bed and physically push them out the door at the first sight of a rain drop.

If you and your small dog live in an area where it’s snows. You should consider outfitting your pet with a fleece dog coat and  booties. The salt that they spread on the roads can irritate the pads of their paws and the fleece dog coat will keep them toasty warm and happy.

Ask yourself this, do you like to walk outside barefoot all the time when it’s raining? Or do you enjoy walking barefoot in the snow for any amount of time?  Your pet probably doesn’t either but can’t voice that to you. They depend on you for their every need so you need to stop and think before you take them out into bad weather.

Some people just simply love to superimpose their clothing styles onto their small dogs. Dresses, shawls and cute pet pajamas are some of the things that can really look sweet. Other people tend to buy dog clothing that is more suited to the dog’s breed.

I don’t see someone putting a little dog dress on a Pitbull or a Rottweiler, do you?

You need to make sure that any small dog clothes that you buy are the proper dimensions,  fit loosely and are comfortable. Never restrict your small dog’s ability to move freely, no matter how cute the costume.

Some small dog breeds that are fun to dress up are toy and teacup breeds, Jack Russell Terriers and Cocker Spaniels among others.

Personally I feel that small dog clothes are both necessary and play up to the vanity that lives in all of us. 

All I know is that I’m barking mad about my dogs

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