Small Dog Clothes | Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who absolutely love your small dogs (and everyone else too!)

Now we all know that tradition states that you have to give mom flowers on Mother’s Day, but somehow I don’t think the flowers that this little guy has for mom are going to last too long…check out the look in his eyes…he seems pretty determined to get all those petals off the stems.

Now I know some of you are going to say that the little guy is smiling…personally I think he looks a little wicked, you know the type that act all sweet after they’ve chewed up 2/3 rds of what’s in the laundry basket.

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What’s Your Small Dog Day Been Like Today?

Are you having the same kind of day that I am? I’m not sure if we can blame it on the April showers that seem to be barrelling down on us, or is it just that kind of funky “I don’t want to do anything” kinda day…

Pedro our bulldog has basically given up on having a fantastic day outside, ripping around after his yellow tennis ball…It’s raining and he’s bored so he threw himself on the floor and flipped upside down. He’s been there a while now and I’m not sure if he’s actually going to get up anytime soon. If he stays like that for another 20-30 minutes I might get him a pillow and a blanket. Actually now that I think about it, I’ll probably throw myself down next to him and just hang out too…

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Small Dog Clothes | Valentine’s Day Love

So the big Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and who better to celebrate it with than your lovable small dog.

No matter how many friends, family, loved ones etc surround you, no one will ever give you as much unconditional love as your pet.

They don’t judge you, they don’t fill you with negative emotions or thoughts. They don’t try and pull a fast one on you…(debatable…) All they want to do is LOVE YOU!

So please don’t forget to include your small dog in your Valentine’s Day Plans. They are there all year long for you


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Small Dog Clothes | Teenie Weenie Halloweenie Dogs

I know it’s the wrong time of year for anything Halloween but it’s my husband’s favorite “holiday” so I just couldn’t resist sharing this video I found on Youtube with all of you.
If you love dressing up your small dog in Halloween costumes and love the holiday, I think you’re gonna love the creativity these people showed making this video!




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Small Dog Clothes | Happy New Year’s from All of Us!

Happy 2011 from all of us at Small Dog Clothes. We wish you all Health, Happiness and Prosperity (and lots of dog goodies & toys) for the upcoming year!

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Small Dog Clothes | The Perfect Holiday Gift in a Hat

Happy Holidays from our Home to Yours.

We hope that you enjoy the next few days with family (furry ones included) and friends and we wish you all health, happiness and prosperity!

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Small Dog Clothes | Holiday Cheer is Very Near!

Santa’s on his way and you know he can’t get things done without his little helpers. These 3 little elves are starting to put me into the Holiday spirit. You have to admit that they do rank high in the cuteness department.

I’ve got a few more pics that I’ll be putting up of small dogs with their Holiday Fashions on. Keep checking back to see what I can come up with to get you into a holly, jolly mood!

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Cool NFL Clothes for Your Small Dog Football Fan

Football season is in full swing and it’s the time of year where every
Sunday is spent watching the games.

If your house is anything like mine, all of our dogs have their cool NFL gear on and watch the games with my husband and I.

My husband really gets into the games and when one of his teams scores a touchdown he is up screaming and yelling which leads to all
the dogs getting up on their paws howling and barking their team on
to the extra point.

It’s quite a scene and it’s also a lot of fun. I do have to confess that I am glad it only happens one day a week.

So if your pets love to watch the games too and if you are maybe thinking about a sporty dog gift for the holidays, this is the only place that I’ve found that has really cool NFL clothes for dogs.

Check them out.


NFL Jerseys for your dog at

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Pet Pajamas and Small Dog Dresses

Hi Everyone,

I received a request from Elaine who was interested in a small dog pajama and a small dog dress for her two Min-Pin’s.

I did a little research for Elaine and anyone else that’s been looking. So if you get a chance check them out.

Winter is coming quickly so a pair of pet pajamas is a really good investment right about now!

Small Dog Dresses are always sweet!

Have a great day!

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How Cool Dogs Can Look Sporty

chihuahua in hoodieIf you have a seriously cool dog and want to really make him/her stand out in the crowd you should look into sporty clothes for dogs.

As people we all have a certain style or flair that relates directly to our own attitude. Your dog has an attitude too and I believe that we as owners should showcase it.

I have also owned pretty cool dogs (my personal opinion). They have had their good points and bad, but overall they were and still are all really great.

I wanted to post this picture of a chihuahua wearing a sporty hoodie. You have to admit, he looks pretty cool. Small dogs are a lot of fun to be around and to see them all proud to be dressed up like their master is quite funny to say the least.

Another item that will make them look even cooler is a dog bandana. They automatically look sporty and definitely incorporate the “Cool Factor” into your pet’s appearance. I don’t know why but I always look to see what kind of design is on the bandana. It gives me a hint of what the dog’s personality is and their owner’s too. There’s nothing funnier than seeing a teeny tiny chihuahua wearing a skull and crossbones bandana. They’re protective littel guys and I think a bandana works better than a “Beware of Dog” sign hanging around their neck. Now that I think of it, a massive bling necklace (rapper style) that says “Beware of Dog” in glittery faux diamonds would be pretty funny.

They way I look at things. If I’m going to buy clothes for dogs I want to make sure that they scream personality and showcase my canine friend so that they look their best.

Small dog attitude t-shirts can really be a source of entertainment for everyone. If you like your pet to be the center of attention and a source of conversation..a doggietude t-shirt with a crazy saying is a real icebreaker.

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