Small Dog Clothes | Fashion Fun, Functional or just Plain Wrong

I never knew that small dog clothes would become such a point of controversy. On one hand an ever growing amount of people love dressing up their dog for fashion and function and on the other hand, another just as large group think that anyone who buys and makes their pet wear clothes for dogs should be shot and hung out to dry. (I think this point of view is a little extreme, though I do understand where they are coming from sometimes)

There are a few ways to look at why people would buy dog clothes:

For fashion and fun
For functionality and safety
For reasons unknown to mankind as a whole

Fashion & Fun:
small black pug in pink hoodieThere is a large majority of pet owners who buy small dog clothes solely to make their dog fashion forward. A lot of people feel that this is a waste of time or maybe people who have no children are superimposing their mothering instincts onto their pets. Empty nest syndrome = pampered pooch in a small dog dress. While I do agree that some people can go a little overboard. I do feel that there is a serious “cute factor” when you see a well dressed dog who looks comfortable in what they are wearing. Fashion can be anything from sporty dog hoodies, small dog dresses and accessories, outdoor wear and cool dog bandanas. Your dogs have personality and I think that should be showcased and reflected in any type of dog clothing that they wear.

Functionality and Safety:
Dog rain coat and small dog winter coatThen there are the pet owners who dress their dog so that they are comfortable and safe from the outdoor elements. A dog rain coat is a really good example to look at. From my personal experience with my 3 dogs, I know that mine absolutely hate to get wet and they won’t even go outside to do their “business” if a raindrop or two is falling. It’s like garlic to a vampire.

But I have also experienced the flip side of the coin when I have put dog rain coats on them. It’s like they immediately understand that this coat is shelter from the rain and once they get it, out the door they go. (Other people may have had a harder time with their pet but it you put it on and push them out the door, they’ll get it)

If you live in an area where snow is a part of your seasonal temperatures then either a coat or a dog sweater can do wonders for them. They’ll actually enjoy going for a long walk with you without shivering after 5 feet and trying to turn back home.

Reflective vests are really important if you let your dog roam free outside, especially if they tend to wander off your property. Making sure that your pet is visible is really an important part of keeping them safe.

Reasons unknown to Mankind:
This is where certain people can get out of hand. A lot of celebrities will really go overboard in dressing their pets in only the best. I realize that they have the money to indulge their pets but does fido really need a diamond collar, paired with a designer frou frou small dog dress with diamond studded booties? I think scenarios like this that get reported on the nightly celebrity focused shows are what has caused a large group of people to dislike and have an automatic disdain of people who buy clothes for dogs.

I firmly believe that regular people like us can have fun with our pets and provide cool clothes that offer fashion fun and  functionality & safety while not going too over the top. The perfect example is the picture of the bling dog…just enough and not too much.

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